Collage Corner: Look, Ma- no black! =D

Equador Blazer
Bygone Days Dress

If I presented you with these two very busy & printed items of clothing, how would you create an outfit with them?

Would your first instincts be to  pair them with an all black look to 'tone down' the business? Or to be a little daring & only add a 'pop' of colour using jewellery, or another accessory?

Well, I'm here to show you that you can wear these clothes without black & still not look like you've just stumbled out of nursery (or 'kindergarten' for the Americans out there)- all you need is a little colour imagination! =D

Look, Ma- no black! =D
(For more non-black outfit ideas, check out my OPERATION: Ban Black!)

You can try many colours with these items! How about: 
  • Reds like burgundy, coral, baby pink- or fire engine red, if you're feeling brave!
  • Yellows like mustard yellow- or neon yellow, for the daring!
  • Oranges like burnt orange or rust- unfortunately bright orange won't work here!
  • Greens like moss green, khaki, olive- or you can even try kelly green!
  • Blues like royal blue, navy, turquoise, mint, robin's egg (sky blue)
  • Purples like periwinkle & lavender- no bright purples here either, unfortunately! 
If you're not feeling quite that bold just yet then don't worry, you can also use non-black neutrals like tan, beige, cognac- or even grey =]

(If you want more non-black outfit ideas, you can also have a look at my OPERATION: BAN BLACK!)

That's all for now!
-Ignorant Awareness


  1. Nice tips! Love it!

  2. As I was reading down, I instantly thought - black! So predictable. I really like the oranges you've paired with the blazer and dress though. Every now and then I walk around in many, many colours and half my housemates just look at me as though there is a screw loose. Definitely brightens up a day though. Good thinking to not feel like having to tone colours down.

    K. (:

    1. Aww thank you :) I didn't know that people were still reading this blog of mine, lol :S Colours are the way to go!


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