Colourful Concoctions: Hot pink/ Orange/ Yellow/ Black

Source: V_kids, Flickr
Stunning, right? This, ladies & gentlemen, is the flatworm! This particular type is known as the Pseudobiceros Hancockanus (great name, eh?) =D

Source: Teresa Zubi, Starfish
They come in all types of wonderful patterns & colours (just as diverse as the human race- if not moreso!), but I wanted to focus on this one first- don't the colours remind you of a rich, tropical sunset?

Source: Jens Peterson, Wikipedia
They've also been given the nickname of 'Spanish dancers'
-watch the video below to find out why ;D

Is it just me, or are they kinda cute? =3


  1. they are kind of cute, but i would probably still freak out if i found one in my bed!!

    1. I think if they had cute little eyes it might make them look a little friendlier, maybe?

  2. Sometimes you can find inspiration in the smallest details of nature! You have a great blog! I follow!
    Hope you can follow back!


    1. Thanks! I was thinking of maybe doing a feature where I make outfits based on the colours I find in nature photos- would you be interested in reading about that? =]


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