The Lowdown on the CELTA course (coming soon...)

So... remember how I said in my last post that I'd summarise my CELTA course after doing it?

Well, when was that post written (June 2012)? Aaaaaaand when did I do my CELTA? (July 2012, if you were wondering)...

Um yeah, well, the thing is... yeah ok, I don't really have an excuse sorry =[ I've been neglecting this blog for all the age old reasons (final year of university, job applications, no inspiration blablabla), but what was the real reason?


Not physical rejection, no. It was the imagined possibility of rejection...

  • The possibility of churning out well thought-out posts on this blog, only to get no comments or views.
  • The possibility of nobody wanting to hear my asinine rants (especially since I can get intensely personal when writing, & so criticism can sometimes feel like a personal attack).
  • The possibility of my OOTD (outfit of the day) posts not being 'different' enough from what everyone else is doing (despite drawing the outfits too... & being a weirdo in a hijab/ headscarf...) 

You know what, though? I've finally realised I can't go through life always worrying about what other people think (ding ding ding, we have an (incredibly late to the party) winner!) So, my proposed solutions are:

  • Soooo, I'm going to write a whole bunch on the CELTA as a memoir/ diary, & for myself (plus anybody who is interested in learning about it). For anyone else who isn't, just don't look? =P
  • As for the ranty problem, I'm afraid that's the way I am- I suppress it enough in real life, so a personal blog should be the last place I'm expected to be 'normal' (and concise). 
  • The OOTDs are just going to carry on the way they are too (although I've been thinking of adding another dimension to them by not only drawing the outfits, but by also picking photos with a certain colour scheme to the outfit to show where my inspiration comes from- see HERE.) Gosh, I really do spoil you people, don't I? =P

So yes, in true British fashion I apologise for... not being sorry enough to stop being myself? =P

I'll give you all a summary of my CELTA course tomorrow- feel free to ask questions after reading it!

And if nobody reads this post (or the subsequent one) at all? Well then, at least it'll be better than the spammers who are currently messing up my comment box xD

That's all for now!
-Ignorant Awareness

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