IA Draws Something, #11

As always, answers after the jump! 


Guess: 1 word, 7 letters

Hint: _______s Inc. (or the TV 📺 show _______ High, or even the movie 🎥 _______ University 🎓 )

Random: I feel like I'm avoiding everything again =/ I had my thesis proposal due on Friday the 12th & all I can think about is how it can be accepted as a late submission until this Friday the 19th. And yet I still haven't started it, or even looked at the brief for it. My forms for the keywords for my literature review (for my other thesis) were also due Monday the 15th & I still haven't done those either. Even though I've already done the search & therefore know which keywords I'm going to use .So it's just a matter of literally transferring what's on the computer screen to a paper form. And the ethics form due on the 12th literally only required me to change the date on the old form (from when I failed it last year (also through non submission). I literally just need to handwrite a new date and scan ot in, and yet I still can't get myself to do it. What is wrong with me? Ugh I hate myself & I'm a failure from just not even trying ='[. I'm so exhausted & angry at my own fucking stupidity all the. Damn. Time. 😡 )

Answer: Monster 👹 

That's all for now!
~ Ignorant Awareness

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