IA Draws Something, #21

Boxing Day 🎁 !

Guess: 1 Word , 5 letters

Hint: "My precious..."

Random: For those of you here from the United States Of America , you're probably thinking 'what the hell is Boxing Day??' Well, it's essentially the United Kingdom's answer to Black Friday; the day after a big celebration 🎉 , when shops no longer have any use for season specific tinsel and greeting cards 🎴 , so everything gets slashed down to insanely low prices . Which prompts people to queue up outside shops at crazy times like 5am, and then proceed to stampede into them like bulls in dire need of that TV 📺 which is being sold for something ridiculous like 70% off.

Come to think of it, both Black Friday and Boxing Day are preceded by celebrations where eating lots of Turkey 🍗 is the norm. That must be what causes the stupidly bullish consumerist behaviour.
I blame Turkey 🍗 xD!

Answer: Turkey >=o! I mean erm, Golem xD

That's all for now!
~ Ignorant Awareness

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