IA Draws Something, #36

Tomorrow's a special day (hint hint to anyone who's reading this and should be getting me something... Haha jk xD)

Guess: 1 word, 6 letters

Hint: I drew the Disney character, because I hoped he would be the most recognisable. And no, it's not Mowgli haha.

Random: I couldn't remember what the mouth looked like, so I just covered it with his dreads. Artistic licence, right? Haha! Also I drew him smaller because I'm not actually a big fan of muscular physiques, so I don't have much reference for bulging deltoids lol. I like 'em skinny, but I guess lean and toned can look nice too. I even commented that on Return of Kings a year ago, and someone told me now that apparently that makes me weird for some reason, haha? Oh well. 

Answer: Tarzan 

That's all for now!
~ Ignorant Awareness

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