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You'll find my new blog at:

It's unfortunately not about the same topics (I'm currently teaching English out in Brazil), but hopefully you will find reading about my travelling mishaps adventures interesting!

The ACTUAL Lowdown on the CELTA Course (Part I)

(Since I'm sick of starting every single post of mine with a silly little apology note*, I think I'm just going to go straight into it... after this little PSA, of course...)

So what is the Cambridge CELTA, I hear you ask? Well, it stands for:
Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults. (Pretty straightforward, right?) 

A little more specifically, it's a little course I took last year to help launch myself into a TEFL career (or TESOL, if you're from the USA). Arggghhh more acronyms! What do they all mean?! Well, TEFL = Teaching English as a Foreign Language).* Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it- promise =3 

The course is usually taken over 3 months, as a part time thing... since I'm clinically insane overly enthusiastic about TEFL though, I decided to do the full-time course... over 5 weeks... intensively... as in, 9am-5pm... for 5 weeks

To find out what I gained from this ridiculous venture (apart from beautiful eyebags to my knees & a month-long caffeine dependancy), read on below (warning: this will be a LONG post- with a second part to come, only if people are interested in reading it)...

The Lowdown on the CELTA course (coming soon...)

So... remember how I said in my last post that I'd summarise my CELTA course after doing it?

Well, when was that post written (June 2012)? Aaaaaaand when did I do my CELTA? (July 2012, if you were wondering)...

Um yeah, well, the thing is... yeah ok, I don't really have an excuse sorry =[ I've been neglecting this blog for all the age old reasons (final year of university, job applications, no inspiration blablabla), but what was the real reason?