IA Draws Something, #25

After le jump! 

Guess: 1 word, 5 letters

Hint: Used to live under a bridge, then the girl's bathroom, and now is a Trololol meme

IA Draws Something, #24


Guess: 2 words, 5 + 3 = 8 letters

Hint: Second word - 'It's raining ___, Hallelujah it's raining ___!'

IA Draws Something, #22


Guess: 2 words, 4 + 4 ⚃ = 8 letters

Hint: a Bro Code Greeting, lol 😂 Especially for celebratory or positive situations ,like the fact that I've managed to keep up this drawing blogging business for 20+ days now ! WOO 😂 !

IA Draws Something, #20 ~ Christmas

Iiiit's Chriiistmaaaaas! 😀

Guess: 1 word, 7 Letters

Hint: Hopefully you should have lots of this stocked up, to gorge on with relatives during Christmas lunch- and then feel guilty about when it comes to New Year's Resolutions , lol 😂

IA Draws Something, #19

Christmas Eve!

Guess: 1 word, 8 letters

Hint: Time to wrap these up under the tree! Or I mean err, wait for Santa 🎅 to come down 👇 the chimney and place them there, lol =x

IA Draws Something, #17

Umm, more Christmas pictures lol?

Guess: 1 word, 5 letters

Hint: Ding Dong Merrily on High,
In Heaven, _____ are ringing!

IA Draws Something, #16

Let's count down to Chriiistmaaaaas!

Guess: 1 word, 6 letters

Hint: Hopefully it should be obvious, but chances are you have one of these hanging on your door 🚪 already (iF you celebrate 🎉 Christmas 🎄 , that is)

IA Draws Something, #15

 I've been drawing lots of men for a while, so here's a woman with lots of COLOUR =D!

Guess: 1 word, 8 letters 

Hint: Despite popular opinion, this doesn't happen year round in Brazil- just in February. Unfortunately I missed it when I was out there though :(

IA Draws Something, #13

Umm, the black bits look like they're made of jelly... Or liquorice, haha xS

Guess: 1 word, 4 letters 

Hint: That American company that sends shuttles 🚀 into space and... stuff x]

IA Draws Something, #11

As always, answers after the jump! 


Guess: 1 word, 7 letters

Hint: _______s Inc. (or the TV 📺 show _______ High, or even the movie 🎥 _______ University 🎓 )

IA Draws Something, #7

Answer's after the jump: 

Guess: 1 word, 2 letters

Hint: It's not a ram 🐏 or a bull, but close lol?

IA Draws Something, #6

You know the drill ;] 

Guess: 2 words, 5 + 3 = 8 letters

Hint: My bad for including his name in the drawing, but my skills aren't good enough to depict the Kung Fu Master's features accurately enough =P

IA Draws Something, #5

I am on a ROLL with these =D! Just need to remember to printscreen when I'm drawing (not when the other person is guessing) though >.> Answer is after the jump: 

Guess: 1 word, 6 letters

Hint: I wish I owned ones; though not with a preppy heart charm attached to it, lulz xD

IA Draws Something, #4

It's hard to crop these to all the same size (& block out people's guesses). Answer after the jump: 

Guess: 1 word, 4 letters

Hint: "I've been in black since the 80s!"
- Aka before those darn emo kids

IA Draws Something, #3

Short & sweet makes me want to post more (I didn't say anything about regularly though, trolololz!)  Answer after the jump:

Guess: 1 word, 4 letters

Hint: I was more of the right than the left (Jock); P.E wasn't too kind to me in school =P

IA Draws Something, #2

Okay so my first official Draw Something post! I'm going to try & keep it brief, so find the answer after the jump: 

Guess: 1 word, 6 letters 

Hint: "I tawt I taw a puddy tat!" 

IA Makes Non-commital Drawing Plans, #1

I'm tired of getting blog & creativity related palinoia all the time: 

(Palinoia (n.) the obsessive repetition of an act 
until it is perfect or mastered) 

See? Even entering that picture and caption took forever, because I wanted to fiddle with the caption size and all sorts. 

Anyway, my point is I want to make art and my silly little creative things, but I've been going through this art block for something ridiculous like 6+ years now...  I try to force myself out of it, but then because I've been out of practice for so long, what I create is laughable and utterly abysmal. But then I have to try and remember this: 

(I know it's attributed to Ira Glass, but if anyone knows who made the infographic for this quote, I'd be glad to attribute it better)

Which is why I need to just power through until I get better. Creating is no longer giving me the joy it used to, but I know my body needs it. I am lot less focused and a lot more susceptible to depression / negatively cyclical thought patterns when I am not creating. 

So I downloaded an app on my phone. I'm sure you've heard of it before; Draw Something? It's essentially Online /Digital Pictionary. Drawing with my finger on an itty bitty phone screen is a pain, bu 
but I'm getting used to the carpal tunnel lol =/ Even when I would draw on my computer, I preferred the trackpad to an actual mouse, so maybe I'm just more comfortable with my fingers than my whole hand? 

Anyway, because the digital drawings are so non-permenant but focused (I have to draw out a certain word/ phrase), I'm liking it. So I was thinking of posting some of my drawings here to keep myself motivated. Don't worry, I won't be exposing any other people's details (my username is the same as my blog name though, if anyone wants to find / stalk me haha). 

So here's the first drawing :

So... What do you think? I know I need improvement, but I'm slowly getting there. Hopefully you should be able to guess what it is (Scar, duh) but I'm thinking of maybe posting the pictures I draw with the answer (of what they're supposed to be) after the jump. So it's almost like you guys are playing with me, lol =D 

Anyway that's it for now- knowing me I'll probably forget or give up on this idea right after I hit 'post' now lol, but I'm hoping a not too taxing creative idea with no planned posting schedule (consider yourselves warned) should help revive this blog (and my brain) a bit. 

Okay you can stop reading now lol. Until next time, my friends (or whatever spambot is reading this right now) =P 

Take care, 
~ Ignorant Awareness