About Me

The reason why I started a blog was because I wanted a creative outlet- so it's mainly just a personal space for ramblings and whatnot. It won't be particularly interesting in that respect, I'm afraid xD For now I'm just trying to focus on having a regular posting schedule though, since that's where I tend to struggle.

(I'm sure all you creative types know how much artist's or writer's block sucks, so that's what I'm trying to combat here- alongside my tendency to overanalyse things and wanting everything to be perfect)

My other blog is more creative like poems etc (at pavementfireworks.blogspot.com)

I also have a blog to document my teaching experiences, but that's currently defunct. You can read about my past travels to Brazil and my online teaching here, if you want though (at CELTAfied.WordPress.com)

Anyway, that's all for now-
more to come soon! =D

(PS- Please don't take me too seriously- even I don't take myself seriously, haha! =P)