Colourful Concoctions: Hot pink/ Orange/ Yellow/ Black

Source: V_kids, Flickr
Stunning, right? This, ladies & gentlemen, is the flatworm! This particular type is known as the Pseudobiceros Hancockanus (great name, eh?) =D

Source: Teresa Zubi, Starfish
They come in all types of wonderful patterns & colours (just as diverse as the human race- if not moreso!), but I wanted to focus on this one first- don't the colours remind you of a rich, tropical sunset?

Source: Jens Peterson, Wikipedia
They've also been given the nickname of 'Spanish dancers'
-watch the video below to find out why ;D

Is it just me, or are they kinda cute? =3

Just a reminder...

Know the difference!
Know the difference!

Too many males these days spend their lives acting like the above!

I mean, sure it might work for a few teenagers (though I don't think so, in my opinion), but real masculinity does not come from a loud attitude or dazzling arrogance- it comes from a collective calm & natural charisma that you can only gain through years of life experience.

Just my two cents =]

-Ignorant Awareness

Lolwut: Shisha Flavour

(I have uploaded this first posts from this series here, but after that you can find the rest on my other blog- to stop this one from getting cluttered)

Every week Whenever I feel like it, I'll post up things here that I found which make you go 'lolwut?'
(It was originally going to be called 'LolFail', but then that would totally rule out things which aren't a fail per se but are just really weird- which would probably eliminate 99% of future posts =P)

Anyway, seems simple enough right? Here goes:

I got this flyer through the door, advertising a home shisha/ sheesha delivery service
(which is kinda weird in itself lol, but that's not we're lolwutting over right now)

See it yet?

How about now, haha? xD
(Wonder how 'explosive' that flavour is)

All I can say to that is lolwut??

Collage Corner: Look, Ma- no black! =D

Equador Blazer
Bygone Days Dress

If I presented you with these two very busy & printed items of clothing, how would you create an outfit with them?

Would your first instincts be to  pair them with an all black look to 'tone down' the business? Or to be a little daring & only add a 'pop' of colour using jewellery, or another accessory?

Well, I'm here to show you that you can wear these clothes without black & still not look like you've just stumbled out of nursery (or 'kindergarten' for the Americans out there)- all you need is a little colour imagination! =D

Look, Ma- no black! =D
(For more non-black outfit ideas, check out my OPERATION: Ban Black!)

You can try many colours with these items! How about: 
  • Reds like burgundy, coral, baby pink- or fire engine red, if you're feeling brave!
  • Yellows like mustard yellow- or neon yellow, for the daring!
  • Oranges like burnt orange or rust- unfortunately bright orange won't work here!
  • Greens like moss green, khaki, olive- or you can even try kelly green!
  • Blues like royal blue, navy, turquoise, mint, robin's egg (sky blue)
  • Purples like periwinkle & lavender- no bright purples here either, unfortunately! 
If you're not feeling quite that bold just yet then don't worry, you can also use non-black neutrals like tan, beige, cognac- or even grey =]

(If you want more non-black outfit ideas, you can also have a look at my OPERATION: BAN BLACK!)

That's all for now!
-Ignorant Awareness

Collage Corner: Half up-do

Ok, what would you call this hairstyle?

Half up-do

Because I call it a 'half up-do', but nobody seems to know what I'm going on about! =\

(I think the term 'up-do' is more American, but whenever I try to explain that this hairstyle is basically just a normal ponytail but with only the top half of your hair, people stare at me blankly =| )

Please tell me I'm not crazy, & that I'm not the only one who had their mum give them this hairstyle when they were younger, lol! =S

That's all for now!

-Ignorant Awareness

Collage Corner: Airport

Hey guys- long time no see! =D

I've been busy with uni work, & so haven't had time to post! D= But I'm hoping to change that with the holiday coming up soon (1 more week, yay!)

Speaking of holidays ('vacation', for you Americans), I've made an 'airport' outfit 'set' on  Polyvore- for those of you who don't know, Polyvore is basically like a giant online pinboard (similar to Pinterest) but you can also y create a collage from the items you 'pin' in any way that you like & people can comment/ like them! Think of it as a sort of 'collage facebook(but not quite as pretentious as some of the other fashion networking sites out there *cough* Lookbook *cough* =P)

Anyway, hopefully I'll be able to make this into a regular feature on the blog (lol, although regular on this blog seems to mean 'yearly' at the moment- bear with me! xD) It's called Collage Corner for now (until I get bored of it find a better name) So here we go! =D