Collage Corner: Airport

Hey guys- long time no see! =D

I've been busy with uni work, & so haven't had time to post! D= But I'm hoping to change that with the holiday coming up soon (1 more week, yay!)

Speaking of holidays ('vacation', for you Americans), I've made an 'airport' outfit 'set' on  Polyvore- for those of you who don't know, Polyvore is basically like a giant online pinboard (similar to Pinterest) but you can also y create a collage from the items you 'pin' in any way that you like & people can comment/ like them! Think of it as a sort of 'collage facebook(but not quite as pretentious as some of the other fashion networking sites out there *cough* Lookbook *cough* =P)

Anyway, hopefully I'll be able to make this into a regular feature on the blog (lol, although regular on this blog seems to mean 'yearly' at the moment- bear with me! xD) It's called Collage Corner for now (until I get bored of it find a better name) So here we go! =D


Easily removable, helps hide sweat/ food stains from your top underneath (gross I know, but it's a fact of life lol!) & gives a presentable appearance (for whoever's waiting for you on the other side!) -You could also go for a cardigan instead, if you find a blazer too restrictive

Comfier than jeans (for when you want to put your feet up & nap) but leather/ liquid ones look more polished than just standard leggings (Again, you could go for a maxi (long) skirt instead if you want a more modest option)

More practical than heels! (if you still don't want to part with your heels, wear insoles in the flats for more comfort, & then change into the heels later if you want- more reason to have the next item (a big bag)! =D) 

Big bag: 
Great for storing all your stuff like food, extra underwear (in case your luggage goes missing), & a pair of heels (if you're that sort of person) It has a cross-body strap too, since you'll probably want to keep your hands free!

Luggage tags: 
These are good (& usually mandatory) in case your stuff gets lost- but coloured ones like this also makes your luggage easy to spot! 

To stop yourself losing track of the time when browsing through all the duty-free shops! Also, when you have on a watch this big & colourful, it's much harder to forget to take it off at security- so you can dodge the embarrassing metal 'beep'!

Again, easily removable (good since airports usually have strong AC, but outside might be warm!) & also acts as an extra blanket/ pillow for napping! That, & some strategic placing of scarves can also hide stains (I promise I'm not a slob, lol!)

Nail polish!: 
Since it's not advisable to wear jewellery (you CAN, but it's a hassle at security!), colourful nails are a nice, alternative accessory =] 
(Here's a link to the set if you're interested in any of the items featured here)

That's all for now!
-Ignorant Awareness

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  1. I would leave the hijab at home when going to the airport. Just sayin' =P


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