Topics that I (try to) blog about regularly:

  • Draw Something (It's been going for a month +, so I figured I should add it here- if you know the app, it's like Online Pictionary) 
  • Collage Corner (My Polyvore sets- for days when I don't feel like dressing up, lol =P)
  • Colourful Concoctions (Beautiful colour schemes, found in all sorts of places!)
  • Just a reminder... (Sometimes we all need a little reminder- whether it be through satire or uplifting quotes)
  • Lolwut? (An amalgamation of 'LolFail!' & 'WTF?!'- things which are either facepalm-worthy or just plain weird)
  • OOTD (Outfit of the Day) (Random outfit posts, which give myself a chance to play around with colours)

(When I say 'regularly', I mean every week whenever I feel like it =P)