The ACTUAL Lowdown on the CELTA Course (Part I)

(Since I'm sick of starting every single post of mine with a silly little apology note*, I think I'm just going to go straight into it... after this little PSA, of course...)

So what is the Cambridge CELTA, I hear you ask? Well, it stands for:
Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults. (Pretty straightforward, right?) 

A little more specifically, it's a little course I took last year to help launch myself into a TEFL career (or TESOL, if you're from the USA). Arggghhh more acronyms! What do they all mean?! Well, TEFL = Teaching English as a Foreign Language).* Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it- promise =3 

The course is usually taken over 3 months, as a part time thing... since I'm clinically insane overly enthusiastic about TEFL though, I decided to do the full-time course... over 5 weeks... intensively... as in, 9am-5pm... for 5 weeks

To find out what I gained from this ridiculous venture (apart from beautiful eyebags to my knees & a month-long caffeine dependancy), read on below (warning: this will be a LONG post- with a second part to come, only if people are interested in reading it)...

The Lowdown on the CELTA course (coming soon...)

So... remember how I said in my last post that I'd summarise my CELTA course after doing it?

Well, when was that post written (June 2012)? Aaaaaaand when did I do my CELTA? (July 2012, if you were wondering)...

Um yeah, well, the thing is... yeah ok, I don't really have an excuse sorry =[ I've been neglecting this blog for all the age old reasons (final year of university, job applications, no inspiration blablabla), but what was the real reason?