IA Draws Something, #47


Guess : 1 word, 5 letters

Hint : I have NO idea how such a physically undemanding game could POSSIBLY count as a sport, but apparently it does...

Random : Don't really like this one that much, but I'm too lazy to start cropping the other pictures I have in storage lol.

 Also, I totally forgot to check how far I had scheduled posts until (turns out it was the Sunday just gone, day before yesterday),  so I finally checked today (on Tuesday)  and saw that I had missed a day! The. HORROR. No, seriously- I am notoriously bad at keeping anything going, so the fact that I had gone THIS LONG (1 month+) without missing a single DAY's worth of posting, was something I was stupidly proud of. I'm actually kinda upset now :(. But I've set the scheduled time for the last post (before this one)  backwards to yesterday (Monday),  so fingers crossed that solves my whiney crybaby issue, lol =/?

Answer : Darts 🎯

That's all for now!
~ Ignorant Awareness

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